Saturday, June 4, 2011

Van Island Boating and Other Adventures!

Shayne Vollmers running the 7m falls on the Alpine Browns
Sweet drop!!

Since climbing in Sinks Canyon I've been pretty busy doing an assortment of things, a few being: working another canoe course for NOLS on Desolation Canyon, attended the NOLS Faculty Summit, paddled the lower Owhyee River, drive to Vancouver Island, paddled the Cameron River, Ash River (both near Port Alberni), Pamela Creek (outside Gold River), Puntledge River (in Courntenay) and was part of the FD on the Alpine Section of Browns River (outside of Courntenay) and went to Horne Lake for a few days of climbing on steep limestone.

For those of you that haven't been to Vancouver Island to paddle you should it have numerous steep creeks of very high quality and when the play run on the Puntledge River is running it is a must do.

A few keys components to paddling on the island are: get a Vancouver Island Back Roads map book from a gas station, be prepared to bushwack a lot, drop into committing canyons and wood being in pretty much every river.

Areas of high quality are:
1.Gold River with numerous runs including Pamela Creek class 4-5, Quatchka Creek class 4, Ucona River class 4-5, Upana River class 4-5, the Upper 4+, Middle 3+ and Lower Heber River class 4-5 and the Gold has numerous sections from class 3 to 4+.
2.Port Renfrew having Harris Creek class 4-5, Lens Creek class 4-5, San Juan River class 4-5, Granite Creek class 4-5, Hemmingston Creek class 4+ and the Gordon River that has numerous section from class 3-4+. For more information of Vancouver Island Rivers check out
These are the 2 places your going to get the best bang for your buck.

A few classic's that are a bit off the beaten path are the Cameron River class 4, Upper Nanaimo River class 4-5, Kokish River class 4-5, Alpine Browns River class 4-5 and the classic Island multi-day run is the Bedwell River class 4-5.

For people looking at rivers that are less committing the Cowichan River in Duncan is a fun class 3 run, the Nimpkish River class 3+ in Woss, the play run on the Puntledge River class 4, the Lower Ash River class 3-4 as well as different section of the Gold and Gordon Rivers.

Hope this is helpful and see you on the river!

 Folks hanging out at the camp ground at the Puntledge River Festival
 Joe Box at the put-in for the Alpine Browns 
 Dave Prothero running the first drop on the Alpine Browns 
 Dave telling you how awesome it is! with Mac behind
 Shayne running a fun double drop with Joe watching
 Dave running the double drop

 Me running the double drop Photos by Mac Schafers
 Horne Lake from the parking lot
 A shot of the huge cave Horne Lake is known for. Eric is climbing in centre right of photo.
 Owhyee River.... so beautiful!
A little to serious..... 
Me running the 7m falls on Alpine Browns Photo by Shayne Vollmers

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