Monday, March 23, 2015

The Beta to some Maritime Treasure!

Luc Gallant climbing, what is known as, "the scariest thing I've done all day" crux when either going to or coming back from a day of climbing on the shores of Cape Chignecto Provincial Park NS.
I often write about my adventures and decided to change it up. Here is a guide I have put together of the Chignecto Peninsula of Nova Scotia and the Shepody Bay of New Brunswick. My goal is to motivate others to get out and explore these incredible areas of the Maritimes. Whether in the summer or winter it offers challenges for numerous abilities and disciplines.

Max close to topping out Simply Forgotten in Moose River NS. Photo by Luc Gallant

The guide focuses solely on ice and mixed climbing, that said Cape Chignecto Provincial Park NS has a 50km hiking trail that is well known in summer and miles of coast for mutli-day sea kayaking. Moose River NS is known to some for its mythical waterfalls in summer. Cape D'Or light house is a huge tourist attraction pulling numerous people from all over the world to NS. Joggins fossil cliffs are a UNESCO World Heritage site that attract tourists through the summer months. Dorchester Cape NB has an interpretative center about the breeding and migration of the Pipping Plover that nests on these beaches in early summer. Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick's most popular tourist attraction, is directly across from Dorchester Cape. Cape Maringouin is known amongst locals as a popular day hike.

There are numerous rivers in this area that have solid potential for whitewater kayaking, Bass River Five Islands and Folly River are excellent class 4-4+ runs and Moose River has also seem some exploration. There are numerous other valleys that hold potential for both kayaking and ice climbing exploration. To name a few would include: Diligent River, North River, Ramshead River, Fox River, Economy River, Chiganois River, the Harrington River and numerous others! Here is an old video from 2006 of whitewater kayaking in the Maritimes. Most of the footage is shot in the Cobequid area.

Max running Chiganois River Falls close to Truro, Nova Scotia.

Thanks to all the climbers that have taken part in climbing in these areas especially Greg Hughes and Luc Gallant for the sharing some incredible days! It has been one of my favorite winters exploring and adventuring in my backyard!

Luc Gallant on Can't Always be a Rock Star, Moose River NS.

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