Sunday, January 29, 2017

Where Do You Find Home?

Sunset over the Waddington Range taken from the Homathko Ice-Field.
I recently watched the Arcteryx film "Crossing Home" and have been thinking about it since! It's about 2 skiers traveling through the BC Coast Mountains.

Check it out!!

The question I've been contemplating is not where home is but where do you find home?

I often get the question "Where are you from?" or  "Where do you live?" and it's hard to answer these questions for me!

This is the usual answer - "I'm from New Brunswick but I live in my van or wherever I'm working" and that is often followed with - "So you don't have an address?" answer - "Well I have multiple" anyway you get where I'm going and if not that is totally fine, it is hard to explain!

Climbing "The Kraken" in Walton Glen Canyon in New Brunswick early this winter. Photo by Don Ricker
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We all have a different place we call home and for me it is constant moving to be close or in the mountains. When I'm in the mountains I feel alive, happy and a since of being. Everything slows down the chaos of people, cars and all the technology are hidden in the distance and out of site! It's just you, your partners what's in your pack and the mountains! This is where I find home and I would recommend it to anyone!

Ryan Van Horne climbing during the FA of No Particular Morning or Evening WI3+ 90m on Vancouver Island.

I have spent one third of my time over the past few month skiing and climbing in and around the mountains of the BC Coast. Here are a few photo's of my adventures in the place where I find home.

Mike Loch skiing the steep and deep off the northwest ridge of Steep Peak.

Just look at the amazing view!

Ashlie Ferguson rippin the cold smoke of Vancouver Island with Mt Myra in the distance.

Dropping in the North Bowl of Mt. Myra Photo by Ashlie Ferguson

The friends you travel with in these places are special! Me and Mitch Harter with Mt Moyeha an numerous Island Alps in the distance. Photo by Ashlie Ferguson

If you're ever wondering where I am you can probably just guess I'm in the hills or close to them climbing, skiing or working!

Our simple little home in the hills! Not a bad view eh?
Thanks to the amazing BC Coast Mountains! The incredible people I get to share this amazing home with! It is most definitely a pleasure and a privilege.

Peak 9331 and the 10 001ft Mt. Grenville to its right.

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