Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Chile Boating!

 On Monday we headed to the Rio Nevados. 
Put in for Nevados Photo by Max Fisher

The Rio Nevados is a class 4-5 run with beautiful canyons and lots a great drops. Between the major drops the rivers character is shallow boulder gardens… so expect lots of bouncing on rock. 

Martin running the slide on the Nevados Photo by Max Fisher
Max Fisher running the slide Photo by Xavier  

What makes the Nevados a bit committing in the must run 20footer. Below this drop are the most challenging rapids of the run. 

Xavier running the mandatory drop on Nevados Photo By Max Fisher

Xavier in the canyon below the mandatory drop Photo by Max Fisher

After our run on the Nevados we headed to Rio Coilaco to run a 30footer. Claudio, Julien, and I ran it 3 times and Mike twice…. another good day in Chile!!

     Max running Coilaco Photo by Mike Kobzik

After an early night we were up and l ready to head to the Rio Blanco on the other side of Lago Carburga. We left Pucon at around 7:30 and on our way picked up Paula and Tzak. 

It was about a 2 1/2hr drive to the put in. The run was continuous class 3 with a little class 4 section in there. Once at the take out we jumped in the hot springs…. yes when you're in the 8 volcano's area of chile you really need to hit some of the hot springs!

Our plan was to get back to Pucon because Xavier was leaving the next day… so time for another party! The night was great and a lot of taking shit was taking place about running Salto Palguin…. a 90footer that I was only willing to look at.

That morning the motivation to go look at it was there, so we did. The water level was a bit high so the guys decided against it. 

So we all did a few laps on the Upper Palguin and called it a day.

Sequence of Max Fisher running the double drop on the Upper Palquin. Photo by Claudio Vega

My time in Chile has been flying by! I have 6 days of paddling left before I head home for Christmas. I'm excited for the 6 days and also to spend Christmas with the Family. 

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  1. NICE MAX!!!! Hit up that 90 footer... I believe you can fly