Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Some More Chile

Well it is time to say good bye to Chile. I'm sitting at the Santiago airport, it's 9:45am and I fly out tonight. I just wanted to get here and relax. It might be a long day.

I don't know how many days it has been since I posted an update but really it doesn't matter. I have been having a blast down here taking advantage of the all paddling opportunities.

Before Claudio left we paddled the Rio Blanco. It ended with some hot springs so we took advantage of those! That night our fellow paddling friend Xavier was getting on a bus to Santiago so we went to Latitude for 2 for 1 tacos.... well worth it!!

Mike, Paula, Tzak, Julien, Claudio and Max in the hot spring after the Rio Blanco

Our next adventure took use to the Nevados again..... I think this is one of my favorite rivers of all time. Here are a few photo's:

Jean running the slide Photo by Max Fisher
Martin dropping the must run Photo by Max Fisher

On Friday Tino, Jake and Lorenzo went to the Middle Palguin. This is the cleanest 70foot waterfall in the world! I and a few others were there with camera's and throw bags to support. 

Tino, Jake, and Lorenzo scouting the entrance Photo by Max Fisher
Lorenzo playing some karma tunes before dropping in Photo by Max Fisher
Lorenzo dropping the lip Photo by Max Fisher

Tino, Jake and Lorenzo in the pool at the bottom Photo by Max Fisher

The run out after the falls Photo by Max Fisher

The boys walking back Photo by Max Fisher

After they ran the Middle we headed for a lap on the Upper Palguin. I know I said this before but it is a must do and you can run laps on it all day if you like. Also we wanted to get a good lap in before the down river race on Saturday.

Lorenzo boofing the 20footer on the Upper Palguin Photo by Tino Specht

The race started at 2:30pm. Ben May of Kayak Chile hosts the event. There was roughly 40 competitors. On these downriver races you can usually expect some carnage but on this day there really wasn't any and in the end the race was won by Jake Greenbaum. Nice work Jake!! 

Jean and Max racing Photo by Dave Hughes

Once I was eliminated from the race I did some fun runs and set safety for the competitors. That night people had a fun time drinking beer, piscola, and dancing at Mama's.

After a slow start to Sunday we did a quick run down the Nevados and called it a day... mainly cause we didn't get started until 4:00pm, bed can soon after.

On Monday we paddled the Rio Puesco. This run is the most continuous run in the Pucon area. It is continuous class 4-5 for 7-8km. Definitely the highlight of the trip for me! 

And Tuesday, my last day of paddling in Pucon started with a nice breakfast at Pucon Kayak Hostel and then to the bus station to get my ticket. Once that was taken care of Dave Hughes the owner and operator of Pucon Kayak Hostel and Go Huge Kayak School took us to Rio Llancahue a great low volume steep creek 2 hrs out of Pucon. It was a great finish to an already amazing trip.

Mike Kobzik on the Rio Llancahue Photo by Max Fisher

I'd like to thank Mike Kobizk for twisting my arm and getting me to Chile, Dave Hughes for the wonderful hospitality and all the people I shared the Chilean Rivers with! Thanks everyone and see you again soon Chile!

PS there will be more pictures coming.