Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Teton Valley

View from the top of the Powder Reserves

I rolled out of Matt and Alli's house Monday around noon for the little town of Driggs Idaho.

Driggs is a small town on the western side of Teton National Park which is home to some of the best ski touring in the world.

When I arrive monday evening to the NOLS branch I was welcomed by a few friends playing music in there yurt. So I hung out and enjoyed some good tunes before heading to bed.

Tuesday was freezing cold, something like -22 F so I waited until noon before going skiing. I headed to Oliver and had some nice turns.

Wednesday was the Powder Reserves, this area is awesome when I was here last year we got up there a few times and the turns where amazing.... once again the turns where sweet and it was hard call it a day.
My turns

Thursday I went skiing with Audra and Ila who are both fellow NOLS instructors and also work in the kitchen at the Teton branch. We went up to Oliver and had some good laughs and great turns. When we got back to the branch Dane, Craig and I where talking about getting into the park. So we looked over some maps and decided to head in and try skiing the Sliver Couloir on Nez Perce.

Audra skinning up Oliver
Audra and her friend the Grand
Ila enjoying some Teton cold smoke
Audra getting some turns
Audra and Ila

We where up at a good time and headed for the park. At 8:30 we started skinning and had a good amount of vert to gain before dropping over into the bowl between Shadow and Nez Perce. At around 1 we where boot packing up the Sliver. It was bullet proof snow with a thin layer of soft snow on top. After a short chat we decided to retreat, due to the hard conditions. Before descending to the car we stopped for a brew and then enjoyed some fantastic pillow skiing to Bradley Lake.

Dane and Craig 
Dane and Craig with Teewinot behind
The Sliver
Craig and Dane crossing over to the base of the Sliver
Booting up the Sliver
Skiing out the bottom of the Sliver
Craig booting back up for the ski out
Dane and the Sliver
Dane Booting out

Oh I forgot to mention there was also a party happening Friday night. There was 2 Skiing Seminars that had just finished there course so it was time for some beer and dancing. At 7pm we headed to the party and ate some pizza drank some beer and started dancing. I didn't stop dancing until 2:30am. All I can say is that was a sweet dance pretty!

Saturday started slow and I wasn't sure if I was going to ski or not. Fortunately Ila and David got me motivated and we boot packed up Glory for an afternoon run!

Now it is Sunday morning and I'm packing my stuff and starting my journey to Tucson AZ for a rock climbing seminar at Cochise Stronghold. On my way I'm going to be stopping in Vernal Utah to watch the Superbowl with friends.

Thanks to all the people at The Teton Valley Branch and the people I skied with: Ila, Audra, David, Dane and Craig!

All photo's by Max Fisher

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