Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SW Climbing

February was a pretty great month all in all. I spent 8 days in Cochise Stronghold doing a NOLS climbing seminar, 7 days in Red Rocks getting on some great routes and got to meet a number of great new people.

So after I left the Tetons I ventured to Vernal Utah to watch the Superbowl with friends and drop my paddling gear of at the NOLS branch. Got up the next day and drove down to Tucson for the seminar.

The seminar consisted of 12 NOLS instructors wanting to get more experience climbing, with the motivation to become a climbing instructor for the school. There where 3 senior climbing instructors teaching us the curriculum.

View from "Mystery of the Desert" on Mutton Head
Nick Cross climbing pitch 2 on "Mystery of the Desert"
Nick on pitch 2

Over the 8 days we did lots of cragging at numerous areas we would take NOLS students, went over the climbing curriculum and progression, multi-pitch climbing considerations and had discussions on risk management issues with students. I had a wonderful seminar and look forward to working NOLS climbing courses.

Thanks Nick, Jared and Lauren and all fellow instructors!

After the seminar, a few of us headed up to Red Rocks for the NOLS climbing symposium. There was about 20-30 people that came to the event and a lot of great climbing was accomplished!
We arrived Saturday night and it rained that night so Sunday involved getting groceries, computer time and looking at the guide book.

Day 1 Jared, Sydney, Anna and I headed for the Eagle Wall to climbing Eagles Dance. It was sunny with cold winds so we all climbed in our puffy coats.

Day 2 Mark, Chris, Mark Spain, Daren and I went to the Brass Wall for some trad cragging. Got on some classic like Straight Shooter and Mushroom People to name a few. The cragging was nice and warm t-shirt weather.

Day 3 Charlie, Joe, Chris and I went in to the Eagle Wall and climbed Levitation 29. What a great route! Joe and Charlie climbed both Eagles Dance and Levitation 29 on that day which was pretty impressive.

Day 4 Chris and I climbed Cat in a Hat

Day 5 Went cragging with the whole crew at Panty Wall.

Day 6 It rained so I said good bye and headed for Salt Lake City.

Slacked of on the pictures, sorry friends

Overall climbing has been great! Now I'm in Salt Lake visiting with some family before heading to Lander for a first aid course and then off to Vernal for some white water canoeing.


  1. well done, lucky f?&%*!! hehe Here there is close to the record snow ever accumulated in Southeastern NB...rock climbing seems so far away!

  2. What a great month! looks awesome Max...sounds like a great crew was at RR too! That is fabulous!

    talk soon